What We Do 


Public Relations

In its simplest form public relations is concerned with delivering messages. Good public relations means the message is tailored to suit the different audiences, it means the information is accurate, concise, and appropriate for the delivery channel and the target audience, and it means the results are measured as a return on investment.

Media Relations

In a world where the media opportunities expand on an almost daily basis it is important to harness the experience and knowledge of professionals who understand the media; traditional print media such as magazines or newspapers, broadcasters, electronic media including web sites, chat rooms and social networks, and face-to-face customer opportunities, such as exhibitions, trade shows and conferences. Trafalgar Public Relations will deliver your messages through media that reaches your target audience.

Marketing communications

Public Relations does not work in isolation and is part of the overall marketing effort by your company. We can work with your marketing partners or help you to develop advertising, brochures, exhibition material, web sites and presentations through our associate companies.

Corporate communications

It’s about building, maintaining and safeguarding your business reputation. Your business is your brand, and anything that enhances customer and market appreciation of that brand adds value to your business, whether that value is measured in gaining new contracts and new customers, or recruiting talented individuals to help your business to grow.

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Internal communications

Your employees are your ambassadors – talking to your customers, your suppliers, their colleagues or families and friends. They need to know what your business is doing and why, where your business is going and when, what is important to the success of that business and how they can help. With knowledge comes understanding, with understanding comes engagement, and with engagement comes commitment. But internal communications is a two-way conversation – you need to know what your employees are thinking. Trafalgar Public Relations can enable that conversation to happen, and ensure your workforce is kept informed.

Corporate presentations

How your company presents itself is a measure of your business. It demonstrates respect for your audience and an appreciation of the time they give you. There’s a place for clever graphics, lively video, emotive soundtracks and astonishing images. There’s also a place for simple and straightforward information, delivered clearly and concisely, and generating positive discussion. Trafalgar Public Relations can help you decide which is the best route, and ensure your presentation has a professional polish.

Corporate responsibility & community relations

The two definitions of CR – corporate responsibility and community relations – are about engaging with stakeholders in your local or customer community; building value for the company that impacts directly on the status and reputation of your business, and building goodwill among your own employees, your customers, your suppliers and your neighbours. Trafalgar Public Relations can help you to develop a corporate responsibility or community relations programme that delivers real benefits for your business.

Business bulletin and newsletter content, design & copywriting

A good newsletter or business bulletin is a valuable business tool that delivers a return on investment – if it doesn’t it’s a waste of everyone’s time.   These publications are often sent electronically Trafalgar Public Relations can help your business to develop a newsletter that contains information your target audience wants to receive, and will spend the time it takes to read and understand the information it contains.

Media training

Getting the attention of the media can be a valuable boost for any business, or a disaster! The difference can rest on the performance of the employees who face the media. Trafalgar Public Relations can provide training and develop straightforward rules of engagement that make the difference between success and failure when your key employees face the media.

Crisis management

‘We’ll deal with that if it happens’ is the approach to crisis management from businesses who are not prepared to think the unthinkable. ‘What if…’ scenarios are painful to envisage, but they help you plan for the worst and prevent a crisis from becoming a disaster. How you deal with a crisis will be a benchmark by which your company is measured. Trafalgar Public Relations can help you to assess the risks and put in place plans and systems that will help your company to survive should the worst happen.

Website content

A company website can be a graveyard of short-term enthusiasm – the result of a ‘fit and forget’ philosophy where the website becomes an objective instead of a route to stakeholders and customers. Trafalgar Public Relations can ensure your website is an effective business tool by working with you to create crisp copy, fresh images, and effectively use affordable and dynamic advanced media options such as video segments or pod casts to get your messages across to key audiences.