Communication that works for your business

The starting point for good business communications is determining what the client wants to achieve.  That may be immediately identified or it may take some time to work out, but a professional communicator will challenge and help shape the objectives, and it is worth the effort because if you don’t know where you are going why start out?   How you get there is the detail of the campaign – defining and developing the messages or information you want to deliver, identifying the audience and the best methods of delivery, and tracking progress and results.

“Plan the work, and work the plan”. That is as much a rule for communications and public relations as it is for any other business process.  The plan should identify the process and the timescale, the objectives and measure of success, and it must be flexible enough to respond to unforeseen opportunities or threats. It should also include the structure for keeping the client informed – regular reports and meetings that track the progress against the plan.  Every business has its own priorities and pressures, and it is up to the professional communicator to drive the campaign and deliver results they are being paid to achieve.